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New Fiction

Captive by Iris Johansen

Jane MacGuire and her partner, Seth Caleb, are in Scotland, happy in love. Jane is at a retreat while Seth continues his work with MI6. But the couple’s joy quickly turns to woe when Seth finds going against Hugh Bohdan, a powerful crime lord who leads one of the world’s biggest criminal empires. Wanting payback against Seth, Bohdan targets Jane, but the daughter of Eve Duncan is no pushover. On the run from Bohdan’s armed thugs, Jane is assisted by John MacDuff. Between dodging bullets an amazing discovery of a 200-year-old secret, long lost to history is made. But if Seth and Jane don’t want to become history themselves, they will have to confront Bohdan and put an end to his deadly rampage.

Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter

It’s prom night and Emily Vaughn is excited. Emily is determined to go to the dance despite being the school pariah. Going to the prom with Emily is a secret. One she will take to her grave, because by evening’s end, Emily will be dead. Her killer is never found, and now, four decades later, few remember Emily. One person, however, does. Officially, Andrea Oliver, a newly-minted U.S. Marshal, is in town to protect a federal judge who has been receiving death threats. Unofficially, Andrea looking for Emily’s killer. The cold case has links to Andrea’s birth father as he hung out with Emily and was suspected of the teen’s death. The search for the truth brings Andrea to the attention of the killer. Andrea must hurry to bring the murderer to justice before she, like Emily, is permanently silenced.

Harvest Moon by Denise Hunter

When Laurel and Gavin’s friends die unexpectedly, the divorced couple find themselves named as guardians of their daughter, Emma. Gavin and Laurel had split up following the death of their own child and now the estranged couple must come together to care for Emma. The two relocate into their friends’ home to care for the toddler and oversee the harvest of a nearby apple orchard. It’s a lot of pressure for Gavin and Laurel, juggling management of a business and the care of a child. Tempers flare but so too does the attraction they once felt for each other. Can Gavin and Laurel put their past sorrows behind them for a future filled with love?

New Large Print

Crossfire by Lynette Eason

A hostage negotiator, FBI special agent Julianna Jameson has been in some stressful situations but living with a teenager may be more than even she can handle. Her little sister, Dottie, has moved in with Julianna while finishing her last year of high school. Clay Fox, formerly of the 75th Ranger Regiment, is working at the school as a resource officer until he can figure out what to do with his life. Having first met Julianna when she negotiated a courtroom hostage situation involving his sister, Clay asks her to visit the school and talk about law enforcement careers. Yet as the 15th anniversary of a school shooting that killed Julianna’s friend approaches, someone decides it’s a perfect time for another attack. Unless Clay and Julianna can find the perpetrator more assaults will follow. Innocent people will die, and one of them could be Julianna’s sister.