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New Fiction

The Girl from Guernica by Karen Robards

Sibi is in Spain visiting her mother’s hometown of Guernica on the terrible day in April 1937 when bombs rain down on the Spanish city, destroying buildings and killing or wounding hundreds. Sibi is pulled from the wreckage by Griff, an American military attaché. Germany denies it was their bombs to fall from the sky, but Sibi knows better. But to say so would mean her death, and her family’s, too. Having experienced the evil of the Nazi Party firsthand, when WWII thunders through Europe in 1939, Sibi fights back by joining the resistance, funneling information to Griff. Sibi walks the knife’s edge by playing the Nazi sympathizer while trying to stay one step ahead of the Gestapo. One false move, and it will be not just Sibi’s life in peril, but her loved ones, too. Can she survive against an enemy as powerful as the Third Reich?

The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith

When a hysterical Edie Ledwell stands before Robin Ellacott, the private investigator is unsure what to make of the woman, or her story. Edie, the co-creator of a popular cartoon, says she is being harassed online by someone going by the name Anomie. Edie is desperate to uncover Anomie’s identity and put an end to the hate-filled commentary. Robin doesn’t take the job, thinking this isn’t a task for a private detective agency. Or is it? A few days later Edie is found murdered. Robin, along with her investigative partner, Cormoran Strike, begin digging to find this Anomie. But between sorting through Anomie’s many online pseudonyms, family strife and keeping the business afloat Strike and Robin find themselves overwhelmed. Entangled in a case that will require all their deductive powers, the P.I.’s are going against an enemy unlike any they have encountered before.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King

Despite his young age, Charlie Reade has been dealt some hard blows by life. When he was 10 his mother was struck by a car and killed. Devasted, his father found solace in gin, leaving Charlie to care for himself. Now 17, Charlie one day hears his neighbor, Howard Bowditch, calling for help. A loner, Howard lives in a big house, his only companion is a dog called Radar. In the back of the house is a shed. It is always locked and often odd sounds emit from it. The old man and teen become friends and when Howard dies, he bequeaths to Charlie his house, a big pile of gold and a cassette tape. On the tape is a wild tale, about the shed being a threshold to another world, one filled with strange beings and places. This other world is also peopled with those who only want to watch their world burn, and if the flames reach ours, too, so much the better. Can Charlie keep the firestorm at bay?

New Large Print

Hellburner by Mike Maden

Juan Cabrillo and the Oregon crew have been charged to take down the leader of a Mexican drug cartel, but the mission goes sideways right from the get-go. And worse yet, an Oregon team member is seriously injured. Juan Cabrillo vows to get some payback, but little does he realize the explosion he narrowly escaped was just the latest act of carnage in a war that has been raging for years, and traces back to the Asian nation of Armenia. Cabrillo may want revenge, but getting it won’t be easy. He is going up against The Pipeline, a powerful criminal organization that traffics in drugs, guns and people. The group now has a weapon so dangerous in can destroy entire cities. With the lives of millions of men, women and children in jeopardy, Cabrillo and Co. will travel from the Aegean Sea to the Indian Ocean, racing along drug-smuggling routes, putting their lives on the line to locate a weapon of unfathomable destruction.