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New Fiction

Treasure State by C.J. Box

Private Investigator Cassie Dewell is on the hunt for a con man who swindled millions out of unsuspecting widows. Hired by a wealthy California woman who alleges he stole her entire fortune, Cassie finds herself in Anaconda, Mont., a small mining town unlike any place Cassie has ever visited. It’s an easy town to disappear in and create for yourself a new identity. And as Cassie pokes around looking for her man, she begins to question whether her employer has given her all the facts. At the same time, Cassie has been challenged to find the person who hid Sir Scott’s Treasure, a legendary cache of gold, estimated value of $3.5 million. The search for her con artist and dodging money-obsessed treasure hunters has Cassie at her wit’s end. Could this be the one case Cassie can’t solve?

Righteous Prey by John Sandford

What do bitcoin billionaires do for fun after every other excitement has become blasé? Vivian Zhao has a radical idea, and it’s one to die for. Zhao contacts similar-minded individuals, and suggests murder as entertainment. They call themselves “The Five,” and soon the bodies begin piling up. They are selective in who they eliminate, restricting their victims to rapists, thieves and murderers. The Five aren’t shy about what they do and become popular social media figures. When The Five kill a Twin Cities resident Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport are tasked to oversee the investigation. However, The Five are smart and know how to keep their identities secret. But they made the mistake of killing in Davenport and Flowers’ stomping ground. The Five will soon discover they are the prey, and not the hunters.

Suspect by Scott Turow

Being a woman and working in a male-dominated profession is one long walk along a knife’s edge. But to be a female police chief makes the knife’s edge even sharper and more likely to cut. That is true for Lucia Gomez, Highland Isle police chief, who is being accused by three men of soliciting sex in exchange for promotions. Throughout her career, Lucia has maintained a professional distance and has an untarnished reputation. Lucia asks Rik Dudek to be her attorney in the federal grand jury investigation. Assisting him is Clarice “Pinky” Granum, a licensed private investigator. Pinky is able to find evidence proving two of Lucia’s accusers are liars. However, when the third accuser turns up dead, Pinky knows something more sinister is going on. Known for her doggedness in pursuit of the truth, Pinky will also need courage if she wants to bring a ruthless criminal to justice.

New Large Print

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks

Colby Mills intended to be a musician, making records and touring the world. But life has a way of changing one’s plans and the death of his uncle put Colby on a different path. Raised by his aunt and uncle on a small North Carolina farm when his parents died, Colby felt obligated to take over running the farm and his dreams fell to the wayside. When he gets a few weeks off, Colby travels to Florida. It’s there he meets Morgan Lee and the two fall in love. Morgan’s life, like Colby’s, resolves around music, so in many ways the couple are perfect for each other. And yet, Morgan is from a wealthy Midwestern family, and plans to relocate to Nashville and become a star. Colby knows only his hometown and has spent his life working the land. Can the young lovers keep a long-distance relationship going, especially when they live such different lives?