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Wednesday, March 22 at 1:00 PM

Want to learn more and get a chance to taste this featured food? You are invited to our Beneficial Bites program presented by The Aging and Disability Resource Center.

Spinach – The Green Fighting Machine

It’s no surprise, that spinach doesn’t really excite people when it comes to eating it. However, if you knew what spinach is really capable of, maybe you would try to include it more often in your meal?  If you look up anti-inflammatory foods, it’s a sure thing that spinach, or another close-related leafy green, will be on that list.  Hence: “The Green Fighting Machine.”

Spinach is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that all team up to fight and prevent disease in your body.  It has vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, lutein & zeaxanthin, flavanols, and more that will battle free radical damage in the body.  This will not only will help ease symptoms due to inflammation but will also strengthen your immune system and fight disease. Spinach also contains calcium and iron, however, the body will absorb these nutrients better if the spinach is cooked at a high temperature (like sautéing.)

Fresh spinach is typically available all year round at the local grocery store. Otherwise you can find frozen and canned as well.  The bagged, fresh spinach is easy add to salads. If the bag is too big to consume before it expires, you can easily throw it in the freezer to use for smoothies or add to omelets or soups later on.

Want to learn more and get a chance to taste this featured food? You are invited to our Beneficial Bites program which includes monthly in-person sessions at seven different locations and times throughout Barron County. These educational sessions are fun, free, and include taste-testing of delicious recipes. You will also get to take home some recipes to try yourself! Please check out this month’s Review or the ADRC website for dates, locations, and times of each presentation.  You can also access more information and recipes on our website at www.adrcconnections.org.  Click on the “Programs” tab, then the “Nutrition” tab to find the Beneficial Bites information at your fingertips.  Previous Beneficial Bites topic information and recipes can also be found here.  For additional questions or comments please call Darby at 715-537-6225 or email at darby.smith@co.barron.wi.us.  Please join us!