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February 22 at 1pm at the Chetek Library.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center Presents Beneficial Bites hosted at the Calhoun (Chetek) Memorial Library on February 22nd at 1:00 p.m.  These educational sessions are fun, free, and include taste-testing of each presentation. You will also get to take home some recipes to try yourself.

In 2023 we will focus on foods that fight inflammation. This will complement the topic of arthritis and how to manage it, which we found out that many people wanted to learn more about through feedback from our last Barron County Aging Plan survey.

Cinnamon: The Common & Helpful Spice

Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of trees scientifically known as Cinnamomum. It has been used as an ingredient for years dating back to Ancient Egypt when it was considered a gift “fit for kings.” It is one of the most popular spices in the world, with a long history of use in cooking as well as medicine across many cultures.

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants making it a superfood for good health. The antioxidants found in cinnamon may help lead to lowering inflammation in the body which could help with a variety of diseases. There have been recent studies showing that cinnamaldehyde, the component of cinnamon that gives it its rich flavor
and aroma, alleviated Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation in rats. Other antioxidants found in cinnamon may also help reduce your risk of cancer, help with blood sugar
control, and may be good for the heart and cholesterol.

While ground cinnamon is what you’re most likely to purchase, you can also find it in a stick form or tea mixture. Cinnamon can also be found in an oil form and used to flavor candy or hard cider.

Be aware that getting too much cinnamon could be harmful to your body. While it’s tough to reach dangerous levels using it with baking, taking too much of it in a
dietary supplement (like in pill-form) could potentially be toxic and cause liver damage. Talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplements that claim they
benefit your health. Large amounts of cinnamon could also cause negative effects if you are taking a blood thinner.

Want to learn more and get a chance to taste this featured food? You are invited to our Beneficial Bites program which includes monthly in-person sessions at
seven different locations and times throughout Barron County. These educational sessions are fun, free, and include taste-testing of delicious recipes. You will also get
to take home some recipes to try yourself! Please check out this month’s Review or the ADRC website for dates, locations, and times of each presentation. You can also
access more information and recipes on our website at www.adrcconnections.org.

Click on the “Programs” tab, then the “Nutrition” tab to find the Beneficial Bites information at your fingertips. Previous Beneficial Bites topic information and recipes
can also be found here.

For additional questions or comments please call Darby at 715-537-6225 or email at darby.smith@co.barron.wi.us. Please join us!